Sacred Hearts - 2018

OSAA - Sacred Hearts Orchid Display - 2018

2018 South Carolina Orchid Show

WHO WE ARE: Located in the Augusta Georgia area, OSAA members are a group of orchid growers/hobbyists that meet regularly to learn and share ideas to improve our culture of this fascinating group of flowering plants. 

We welcome visitors to join us at our meetings and enjoy our
 discussions, displays, and programs.

Join us Sunday, October 5, 2018, for our 7th meeting of 2018
Steve Arthur of Graniteville SC presents
"Species Orchids in Homes and in situ (in the WILD)"

There are approximately 20,000 species and 900 genera of Orchids in the world.
Various species can be found growing on all continents except Antarctica but most are found in the tropics.

2017 SCOS

Brandon Wilde Clubhouse

ur meetings are held at 3pm the first Sunday on even months - (February, April, June, August, October and December) - at the beautiful Club House at Brandon
Wilde, in Evans, Georgia.